Quad Service

A lot of equipment is moved during shootings. When the conditions on location are complicated, our ATVs (Quads) become the best ally. Moving equipment on beaches, tracks or simply narrow passages or steep slopes is much faster and safer with these vehicles. 

Our clients - and their staff! - appreciate the enormous physical relief, the shortening of the assembly-pick-up time, the transport of actors and staff avoiding fatigue and injuries, the better protection of the material and the comfort in complex conditions (darkness, wind, rain, cold or heat...). 

Don't shoot any more without our Quad Service ! 

24 x 7

24/7 availability, anywhere and under any conditions...


Mixed freight/personnel transport, trailers, cargo boxes ....


Half a ton of cargo per trip.

SAFE and comfortable

Protect your equipment. Physical relief and personnel safety.


Slopes, narrow passages,


Drastically shortens assembly-pick-up times.