Quad Location

The orography in the Canary Islands is very varied, and sometimes extreme. 

Our customers use our quad tracking service as a convenient alternative for occasions when access with conventional vehicles is not possible. They also appreciate the unobstructed visibility and proximity to the environment, comfort and safety and the experience of our pilots.

All our Quads are homologated to carry two people and drive on any road. 

We have taken our clients along the seashore, on the slopes of the Teide at 2500 m, through sand, snow, forests and firebreaks...

With Quad Location, an innovative and unlimited way to find your locations.  



Approved for driving on motorways with two people.


Our pilots know the islands very well.


360º - High visibility while circulating.


Delivery of the GPS track of the day.


Four-wheel drive and reduction gearbox.

SAFETY and Comfort

Independent passenger seat.