Camera Services
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Any place, any time!


Experienced pilots in driving and shooting

R & D

Permanently developing. We create your tailor-made projects

Are you going to shoot in the Canary Islands?

Do you need a partner to support you in filming with moving cameras? 

Do you need to transport filming equipment to places that are difficult to access? 

Or simply reduce production times and crew fatigue?

Do you need a making of service, or for sporting events, combined with streaming?

We are the team you need.

Quad Camera Car

Quad Camera Car. Mount your cameras and shoot anywhere. Powerful, stable, agile, versatile, unstoppable!

Sport Camera Car

Camera car with Abarth 695 Ferrari Edition 180hp. Compact, stable, precise and explosive!

RC Camera Car

Electric RC 1/5 scale, up to 80 km/h, to mount stabilized film cameras and reach every corner.


We put at your disposal a fleet of special vehicles (3 ATV Quads & trailer, 1 Abarth 180 HP, 1 RC car 1/5 scale) equipped to carry film cameras, Black Arm (included), Steady Cam (included), for more comfortable, elegant, creative film shootings, or in the most extreme conditions.

Steady Cam

High-end Steady Cam services for film and television, with or without our vehicles.

Quad Service

To comfortably and safely transport all the filming material and your staff to places inaccessible to other vehicles.

Quad Location

Reach where no one else can, to locate comfortably.

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Play Video

Fully equipped

Our special vehicles are prepared to accommodate any type of camera configuration.

 CanaryPicturesVehicles is a QuadTeam partner and allows us to offer multiple additional vehicles to adapt our equipment to.